Give gold diamonds etc


I think it would be nice to be able to give guild members gold our shards basically anything you have that u dont need to help ppl out cause im always gettin stuff i dont need for instance crusade points i have so many and nothing to buy ive maxed out the characters already


A feature like that would always be exploitabe and PerBlue has also confirned that they don’t want to implement it, because of the high risk.


Why couldn’t members send items to a game addmestrater and let them give them out and
Give back to members who shared


basically because there would be someone who would abuse it and create diamond and gold management accounts.


Yea makes sense i think it would still be cool to explore options you know limit it per week only allow to do it to people in your guild maybe have it put into a guild bank that the guild leader can duell out to people that need it idk


There are ways to do it, but probably too much complication for a game like this. The way trading works in this one mmo I play, both parties have to be online at once, and if you log off it closes, so you would need a second device to even do it, plus for money/in game currency there’s a scaling tax, 5% base + 3% per level difference, so while you could abuse it immediately it’d fall out of reach very quick. On top of that an exponentially increasing timer on trades (lol basically like favour in reverse come to think of it) so after a few trades (7) it ‘costs’ over a day per trade. Real slick thinking there.

I always found it easy to get whatever aside from the new 50 piece items, so like I said it might be too much effort for too small a gain as far as implementation in coding.

Perhaps instead you could ‘turn in’ the items or extra money for guild points or some other kind of exchange? Or maybe have an npc who appears every so often like the trade ship, but instead of money/gems it takes items (like, a junk dealer)


The ways you stated could be used to make it harder to exploit something like that, but like you said yourself, it would still be possible. I don’t think there even is a way to fully block exploiting that.

This has been suggested before, for example to deal with excess shards, but instead PerBlue came with Epic gear (which only postpones the moment until it becomes a problem, and then makes it worse). This suggests they don’t like the idea of such a shop. I do think it’d be a good idea, so I’ll ask in the Discord chat.


Ah, yeah, the idea was Papaya (the makers, dunno rules about mentioning other games so I’m just rolling safe, here) acknowledge that there will be a few dedicated (really dedicated) exploiters, but since they are both active and unable to overtake even modest payers, it’s a sort of ‘acceptable loss’ to keep engagement high.

Actually I missed another reason Per blue might not, and that’s simply this game is not big enough that such a thing would be worthwhile (especially since it doesn’t currently have trading at all meaning it’s all new code). The few dozen or so possible exploiters, especially since many formed guilds that become a mix of free and not, kind of dilutes the effect (they wasting some on gifts/group upgrades/stocking consumables), while encouraging more free players to stay longer and keep the population up. I’ve really only seen them smash the pure PVP ones, because that takes away from potential reward spots, or hoarders that haven’t touched a guild since joining. (as they may either burn it all at once to win a particular event or are pre-loading the account to sell for real money for the counterfeit currency) Kind of a “we’ll overlook the stolen candy bars if you keep dragging your 20 friends here” outlook. The servers/events/guilds aren’t big enough to give that a pass I’d wager, especially since the count is definitely artificially inflated from all the Roblox players that come for 10 levels then drop. (as a cross platform dedicated mmo, each server is about 30k actually active, so the percentage is much smaller and less noticeable than if a similar system developed here.)

Yeah, bit rambling I know, :yum: I just really respect the efforts they’re putting into it to stabilise it (plus kind of leaving a message for future travellers asking “why not?”) starting with 2 months of no enforcement to gather the data behind how the ingame currency was used by different sets of players. I’m sure Blizzard could’ve benefitted from caution like that a few years back.