Give this one some thought 😉


Now let’s say we shake up how things are done regarding hero’s and skins

Have an idea that I reckon would catch on fast

Excuse the crude image skills it’s a concept and I’m not about to put a load of time in for an unused idea

Halloween skin for totem… I think he suits the jack o’lantern look

Xmas skin for noob has to be santa :wink: he’s got his sack filled ready to deliver so may as well go that way :joy:

Not earned through contests but as a gift to players for fun during those holidays
(Released a couple weeks before each day)

Side note…
These two need epic gear already
Waiting too long for this as it is


Wait, what month is it? :stuck_out_tongue:
I do think it’d be nice for the community to get something like that for playing for so long, and the designs are great ideas already, nice going!


Plenty time to create these :wink:
Fingers crossed something like this comes about
Gets boring seeing hollow skins everywhere :joy:


Time for some holloween in Ember maybe :joy:


Holy mother of monk fruit! I want Halloween Totem !