Going off auto - manual skill strategy advice?


I’ve left auto on as soon as I got it, because all I could think to do was fire skills as fast as they charged and the AI is faster than me. The only exception is that I will switch it off near the end of Crusade rounds to hold a nearly filled skill for next time.

As far as I can tell, you can’t choose which of their skills will even fire next, the button is just “do what you’re excited about, go!” So banking a heal action for when more of the team is injured might just get you their attack action instead.

I know other people consider playing manually with skill to be a big advantage, which is why it’s locked on arena.

  • What are people’s tips for playing on manual?
  • Are there specific heroes who reward manual play more, and others that are just as effective on auto? I’ve seen someone suggest “just keep hammering X skill,” on Hex, so I’m sure I’m missing some moving parts.

Playing on auto I can beat Crusade about half the time. I’m sure I could improve that with basic manual skills. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Let’s educate each other!


Ginger, Squire, Hex, Portal, and Hunter. These 5 on manual are the killing team of killing teams. I’ll do a war battle situation. You use the wave of NPCs to build energy, don’t use it on this wave. Then use ginger’s ability (and squires if he is ready), hex’ ability to hit all and push them back closer to each other, then finally portal’s ability. After that just put it on auto and let it roll out, but this initial manual part does massive damage and usually kills most if not all.

As a side note here the bottom energy bar you see always refers to their first skill, not the blue skill.


Thanks for the details! (I only have two of those monster characters yet, but I get the strategy idea.)

Can you explain this part more? Are you saying it can be used to predict which skill will fire next, or something else?


For example for storm wizard the energy bar is always for healing, not the chain lightning. Chain lightning = Blue skill (Learned when character is at Blue level). Blue skills activate randomly and we have no control over them.


Some skills can abort enemy skill 4th channels.

I dont want to reveal my tactics to strangers hahahahah.

But i use a combo wombo to get People in line for splash damage. Abort shields before they are spawned and time DPS 4 skills with the third skill

You are asking me to reveal my secrets :stuck_out_tongue:
I wont do it… Unless you join mt guild hahaha


Basically the enegy bar represent the 4th skill always. Using it will always abort any random skill between 1-3 to prioritize skill 4.

Some heroes such as void and nightstalker can be used while the energy bar is 30-35% in manual. If you use auto mode it will only be activated once reaching 80-90%

Spell binder on manual can be recasted to target a new random enemy.

Focusing channel skills shoulf be used when enemy back lane have high threat and is being targeted by skills. So basically… Void and nighstalker can bypass the front guards to target princess since one of her skills will draw 100% theat level towards her.

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Super helpful!

If you are protective of your strategies, I’m far too much of a filthy casual to do well in your guild. :smile: I’m just mashing buttons over here. Thanks for helping me understand how I might choose to mash the buttons manually.


Haha i never said everyone is an elitist in the guild.

The only requirment is to hit the enemy you are supposed to hit according to the war strategy. Loosing the fight is fine.

Not showing up in guild war at all is problematic ^.^
So if you are active, you are welcome to join.

We have people who use full auto during the fights


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It’s a great guild! We all appear to be systematic and use teamwork to utilize our strategies whether it be with the weak and strong. We all get along, so it appears, and at most times laid back but show professionalism and seriousness (while at war). @I_Pet_Goats (and other high ranked officials) always try to include everyone in battle, not just setting the weaker team setups on the backburner and crushing with the stronger. I actually love the guild and the communication we produce with positive demeanor. LATERALUS FTW!!!


Sounds cool! @CyraX, got any thoughts on how to get started using manual skill triggering, or any combos you like to lean on?


When a hero’s portrait lights up because they have enough energy, tapping the portrait always triggers their white skill. For Wizard, this is his heal.

Green and Purple skills are always passive. This means that they are always in effect without you needing to do anything.

Blue skills are active skills. They take the place of a normal, auto attack. They cannot be triggered by you at all.


Thank you for the clear explanation. I feel a little foolish about having trouble figuring that out, but hey, that’s why I asked here.


Having played manual for a couple weeks now (and wow can it give an edge in fights), there are three very basic uses I can recommend for beginners:

1 Saving special attacks you don’t need for the next round.

2 Controlling attack order so the “shoot everyone” attack comes before the “freeze everyone until they get shot” attack.

3 Keeping an injured frontline hero’s threat low until Wizard can heal them. Cogmaster living another day is totally worth waiting a few seconds for his big attack that draws everyone’s attention to him.


Hey, Past Me, I found the answer to one of your questions.

The moving part in question is Vigor Mortis, the most terrifying and underappreciated of passive skills. You won’t really notice it until you get it to max level because otherwise it fails a lot of the time.

It refills the attacker’s energy bar every time they make a kill. Hex and Princess have broad attacks that deal a lot of damage, so firing their special skill has a good chance of filling up the bar to instantly fire it again. And again. And again, and now the fight’s over and her energy bar is still full for the next round.

It’s magical.


Vigor mortis is nowhere near underappreciated, and also, it restores 80 energy IF the ability kills an enemy, not the full bar, but 80 energy leaves little room for more regen to take place :sweat_smile:. Still though, i like to knock off at least one of my frontline (Elder Mohawk and Cogmaster) abilities before using my Princess Portal since they’re just massive bursts of damage. And a tip for pp users- avoid nightstalker. XD


By advanced players, it’s appreciated. It took ages for me to realize it wasn’t just a money pit, but a nearly complete recharge.


Yeah it’s definitely rewarding if used correctly, I once used it 5 times in one go XD