Gold and XP contests request

Any chance we can add better ways to spend our gold? Once heroes are all skilled and enhanced, it basically becomes a tedious chore to buy 900,000 gold chests.

At the very least, add 9,000,000 and 90,000,000 options. Shouldn’t be too much work to add some new buttons.

Your kidding right? :rofl::joy: Yes there should be better ways to spend Gold but not silver chests (too much garbage in them):woman_facepalming: PB used to have the blue ones available in XP and gold. Lovely to see the XP ones again, can you please bring back the Gold ones too.

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We need a slider for silver chest purchase and then we can decide how many to buy. A slider is uswd for other items, so it can be done. Who cares if silver chests drop junk, the point is to have easier ways and more ways to spend gold.


I agree - but we’re asking for a miracle that something already in game could change to improve gameplay

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@SueyJitSu could probably tell you when this was first asked for.

I will just say back when there was actually a discord server for this game, and per blue listened to us.
Possibly on the cusp of when they started pretending to.

Nowadays you can literally accuse them of fraud (or at the very least incompetent recycling of assets without understanding of the consequences) and they won’t answer you, that they are grateful for you bringing it to their attention and they are investigating or even just to say “no mici you’re wrong, this is what actually happened, stop making fake news lol”

But, hey.
Mayyyyyybe we will finally get a slider.


It was back when there was actually a discord server for this game, and per blue listened to us.

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Actually, to be honest… was probably even further back than that. Back when they were in the S1 (at that time there was only 1 server lol) Leader chat on LINE! Yes LINE! Some low lives actually got PB peeps to join a LINE group back then.

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And that was a fantastic chat room
Until the nuked 3x occured :triumph:
Idiots spoiling the fun :joy:

It was fantastic (and inevitable) when it was nuked by the morons… Cause it then made PQ come to their senses and make a discord chat. They just never opened it up to everyone, no matter how much I tried to get them to.

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Thankfully we have speedy replies on discourse… :wink::joy:

I guess I’m still here cause @everyone doesn’t work @here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or does it :thinking:

@SueyJitSu I was tagged?


Discord :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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