Gold chest reward suggestions


Just an idea I’ve had while farming in the dungeon, why don’t they put dungeon rewards in some gold chests? Like boots of speed for 1 hour, or 2x gear for 1 hour, or enchanted torch 24 hours, (switch up hours on everything of course, different levels of deliciousness) because I know I personally HATE the dungeon if I don’t have the boots of speed on! I avoid it like the plague! I’m just tired of the same stuff out of the chests and for people that actually spend money for diamonds, and use the diamonds for gold chssts, those would be amazing drops! Let me know if I’m way off here or if there’s a reason they can’t do this lol! Drop your suggestions in the comments! Maybe they’ll read them and consider some of them! Happy questing!


They could be there for all I know. I’ve gotten normal and elite 2x from jackpots before.


They could just up the dungeon speed for everyone.

They are!!! :slight_smile:


I would love to see diamonds in chests more from dungeons and drops!


Diamonds drop like wildfire in endless… 100-1000 crits arent rare at all
In epic2 they drop 5-50 often enough too


Good suggestion, I don’t know why that wouldn’t work