Gold chests are a rip-off


I have probably opened 100 gold chests, which 10 have been bought for a ridiculous 288 diamonds. All I ever seem to get is scrolls I could have gotten from campaign. Please either take out the useless stuff or drop the price. For 288 diamonds, I should at least be guaranteed 5 hero shards. For 288 diamonds, you can buy at least 360 stamina. This would give 60 normal campaign, or 30 elite battles. Why do I only get one item from a gold chest? From my experience , the chance for a hero or hero shards is about 5%. The chance for a reward greater than the cost is about 2%.


And that’s why no one buys gold chests :slight_smile:



We’re looking into options on making them better in the future!


I totally agree the gold chests are big rip offs. Ive bought them before and i hardly got hero shards or anything worth the purchase…


Thats why you open the 10x golden chest for guaranteed hero shards and a possibility to unlock a full hero.

Golden chests are good for new accounts.
For higher lvl accounts the legendary chest with consumables are good for stacking up when level cap increases.


They need to make diamonds more available and earnable ingame… and provide better value in the shops when exchanging items for diamonds.


Yup I have to agree gold chest are rubbish…
I get more hero shards buying ten silver chests, and they only drop a couple shards at best.

Everytime I get a gold chest it’s either the claws item or that robe.
On the off chance I get hero shards it’s usually 7 wander woman shards… I don’t even use her so what good is that.

Yeah I could use the airplane mode trick to have a peek but why should I.
The gem cost per chest should either be lowered to 188 or remove blue items from them altogether


OK so it’s been longer then a year…

Gold chests really need to be kept upto date with current servers gear rank.

First off… New heros dropping 18 shards maximum… Yet heros like swash/whirly will drop 30 shards from them.
The newer the hero the less you get???

Yes nuggets are great from them… Occasionally red gear too is alright… But shard drops should be increased to suit the ever growing amount required for epic levels :sunglasses:


100% agree.

It’s also a problem when you need shards for a 1 star hero. I’m always trying to get Warp Mage shards, but it’s difficult because the max you can get at a time from a chest is 7 shards, which is no longer good enough when shards are needed for epic.

I don’t know if maybe once you’ve gotten a one star hero to five stars the max drop could be altered so it’s the same as three star heroes (so 30 shards a time).

& personally I feel like drops of one or two hero shards from gold/event chests are insulting, so if that could be changed to 5 (or even 10 minimum) that would help ease the shard grind a little :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed that the hero/hero shard rate seems to be much, much greater with the 10x gold chest item. I regularly get more than half hero shards, usually 2-4 full heroes, with each one. But it seems you don’t get those items without buying deals…hmmm…


I couldn’t agree more that getting 2 hero shards from a gold chest is insulting amd incredibly frustrating.


I agree! I never buy the gold chests, not even when they’re on sale. The quality of them has gone down to the point where I would call it a bit of a rip off :grimacing: but I have faith in portal quest so I’m not sour , I know they hear us and adjust things accordingly :v:️


Even at 75% off, they are a complete ripoff. It’s actually predatory how bad the deal is for them, and I feel sorry for people who don’t do the math and fall for it.