Gold chests in chests part of game

Plz for the love of god can u add a confirm button to the purchase 10 gold chests the amount if time I’ve bought these by mistake as game lags so badly is crazy not only is it the worst deal in the whole game but buying by mistake is a joke wen the button is directly under the chests select
Also guild shop should be made more useful
Only 3k script a day yet for on hero shard or 1 epic shard u feel the need to charge us twice 1 too add once to buy and at 1500 is insane right now at lvl 200 we u need 27 epic shards per skill up would be 27 x 1500 = 40500 @ 3k a day wo7ld take me 14 days to skill up a toon once who does the maths here lol

There it is :wink: