Gold items? Again? Really?

Don’t get me wrong.
Like most people I did enjoy last month.

“Ooh look at my shiny heroes!”

Aren’t they shiny?

But what exactly has this cap raise brought us?

At least in Fortnite, they gave us silver foils, gold foils and I’m reliably informed if I could be bothered to level up that high in the next two weeks (insert your own fortnight pun), there would be rainbow ones…

The whole treading water thing you’re doing?
It’s killing us.
People are being driven away.

I get that all the resources are being used in other games / in other areas.
Little hints like stars alignment changing, and honour skill levels suddenly jumping 15 points instead of 10.

But so little time is spent on everything else…
The little tweaks that are supposed to help keep us going?
They’re rushed or unbalanced.
New trials is covered elsewhere, spelling errors on splash cards, 10 million influence for 1 embershard?!..

I had a list.
I’m sick of my own voice now, so I’m pretty sure you must be.
What’s the point?


Wake me up when trials resets land in diamond shop rotation and repurchaseable perks

(And embershards are rightfully classified as a resource, orrrrrrrrr at least quadded…)


I long for the days when i actually believed when you would say youre retiring from forum and game only for you to start back a few days later. I was so naive to believe we had finally gotten rid of you. Clicking in the forums and seeing your avatar by every reply is very disheartening. You are the very essence of bob. Please leave permanently. Thats a pipe dream, i know

Chatting pure horse manure…
mici is the only reason things happen round here currently …
Rest of the community is asleep and loving the poor service based on their lack of vocalisation on any topic
Your rebuttal only strengthens that fact of subservient acceptance :grin:

And thats the the cotton assessment for ya


Not just the cotton assessment, THE the cotton assessment :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats on Regular status btw :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pretty sure they are thinking of Rainbow and/or Black rank

You are FAR far too kind :wink:

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I guess I was so naive to believe that when I asked someone I considered a friend to keep a secret, that would do so.

Not that it’s anyone’s business:

  1. Forums and games are two different things.
  2. I guess that apology meant nothing then?
  3. Thanks for showing everyone that hadn’t already seen your true colours.

“Oh I was having a bad day and was upset about something else and thats why I took it out on mici that one time”
What’s your excuse this time, hun?


  1. Thank you for the encouragement to continue :wink:

Oh wait

Drunk Ed is from NYC
Mici just recently left NYC

How did that slip by me usually I’m good with this stuff :grimacing:

Because I’m a filthy guild hopper that moves more times than you’ve had hot dinners?

Allegedly :wink:

Hahah i hate my phone, double posting words like i have a digital stutter :rofl:
Yeah noticed id lost regular and was like hey i need that back for no reason at all :wink: