Golden - Heroic - Epic chests

Is it just me, or are the chests now ONLY providing more of the same overload of crap gear and toons we already have? I spot maybe 1 little red dot with every 25x10 chests I open.
At the same time, the amount of chests one needs to open to get some of the newer toons is crazy - all the while more old an unusefull junk keeps floating into my inventory.

PB - Please adjust the loot with the levels, or create a new chest with usefull stuff, or take out some older gear and toons, or whatever!

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I suggested back in April that they should have some sort of limit on rewards etc that only have gear or shards from the last few months or so. Some sort of limited pool of stuffs.

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Per blue not listening to their player base?
I can’t even pretend to be shocked at this point.



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Hi pixie mici I believe the loot in the game in general is stupidly rong, tower, trial, daily quest… They give us some gift who u can’t use them like sharp from toon who already i have couple thousand of them. Why don’t put some for new toons sharps or give us better gold boxes

Ask them in support tickets, rather than random players in the forums.

Last time I spoke to per blue directly like that, I told them that if they did all of this stuff like missing out opening all of the quad trials and not multiplying the embershards by accident, then they were terrible developers.

And if they were doing it on purpose, then they were terrible developers, but for a different reason.

I doubt they listen to me any more.

They are doing this on purpose … Don’t dream to have the same shards’ drop probability for all heroes …
Didn’t you ask yourself why new heroes’ shards are not even provided in the different shops ?
The rules has always been simple : if you want to max the new toons … then spend moooore :grin:

The new sign-in hero is the most rare to get …
If someone managed to max granny please tell us how many heroic chests have you opened :sweat_smile:

Eleventy one

Nah Mici didn’t have to open any she gets every hero maxed gifted to her as soon as they are released :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish.

Contest rewards, like everyone else.

As for sign in hero…

I’ll get there eventually.

Orrrrrrrrr really quickly if I ever go competitive and it’s in a meta :wink:

Keep up :wink: