Good Front line


What are the best front lines? I currently rocking war Blade and skull buster. Server 4


You want cog and ginger. Then claw, scarred brawler, totem, shield maiden, wander as they become available. Hate to tell you but skull buster is almost 0% used on server 1 now, and war blade is relegated to cleanup lines in war for her shield ability.


What are you talking about lightwarden and feral gonna take 2018 by storm mark my words


1 of the most used and best front liners are ginger beard and howling claw


And whirling dagger’s also good adding to count talon’s list


You mention characters I don’t even see. Like claw and shield maiden


In time they will be revealed to you :upside_down_face:


Why I said as they become available😁


Oh ok lol sorry, can’t wait


I always use all heroes AND I DID YAYYY but i will always continue to use ALL HEROES