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I agree with you in the aspect of more action needs to be taken, but people really just need to respect everyone, whether they women, children or men. Men have been called just as bad, and it’s not like these names really have any merit anymore, especially coming from a salteh player. But yeah, just saying, try not to let that crap bother you. It’s totally stupid, yet absolutely expected with gamers, sadly.

Having this kind of reaction only let’s them know they won, and what kinda thing are you showing to the women you so strongly want to empower?

Like I said, I agree with you on the abuse of the player, but I wouldn’t quit over it personally -.-

Sorry to see you go, hopefully your next community is better.


Im not a feminist but i still 100% agree


I’m not a feminist.
But I know a man who is


In all seriousness, everyone is entitled to react to abuse in their own way, without being accused of being a bad representation of any gender, race or creed.

The abuse I received on server four just made me stay much longer than I had originally planned.
More just to wind them up, and draw their fire away from people less thick skinned than me.

I am notoriously difficult to offend.
And enjoy watching them get more and more wound up, until they go too far and get themselves reported by the lurkers.

But that approach isn’t for everyone.
And 24 hours later, they are back and even more determined.

I am sorry, but I find this to be a lax, lazy and lenient approach and attitude on per blues part.

A direct threat of violence to my children, followed by a direct threat of violence to me.
And they are back chatting a day later, making a joke about it.

Perhaps if people that broke the rules actually were dealt with, we wouldn’t be losing good players and actually nice human beings like this?



Sorry, this type of behavior really bothers me… And some of the reactions of others is worse.
When this game first started, one of the nice things about here was the fact that it was well moderated and things like this couldn’t happen. Mods were in chat, and bad behavior was handled quickly. It was a nice change from the craziness sometimes seen in perblues previous game.

Fast forward to now, where someone can post blatantly offensive personal attacks, and the post stays up for hours.

On top of that, people saying to get over it, or it shouldn’t bother you. This goes to show the need for better moderation even more. It’s no wonder the gaming culture constantly has problems with harassment and bullying, especially against women if the spectators also allow it to happen.

It isn’t about being a feminist or anything either… How about just treat people with a little respect. I’m all for making fun of each other. But there are lines you just don’t cross. No need to make the attacks personal.

I expect perblue to take this issue more seriously than they have done up to now. This is about the whole community, not just one person


I installed dungeon boss… but dunno atm. Just at beginning😁


Overall I play PVZ 2 every day


@Jenk I love you to bits but I had forgotten how many times you had left and come back until @Adam_the_gamer resurrected these threads X

Please come back and stay


We will do better


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