Google Update - Kitkat


With the 3.2 update, we will be increasing the minimum required version to Kitkat (Android 4.4). Please take a break and check your current version of Android. You’ll need to update before we release 3.2 or you will be locked out of the game. For more information about how to update your Android version, please see Google support here.

Also, Google will be dropping support for Google Plus officially on March 7, 2019. In order to prevent your account from being at risk or lost, we are advising that you ensure all of your accounts are attached to Facebook and/or Google Play Games prior to the 3.2 update.

We are planning to release version 3.2 during the week of January 21.

Server down forever?
Honor 8x incompatible since last update

Another cap raise!!

I’ve got so bored this month, I’ve actually been playing the epic epic dungeon :wink:

Also … Oreo here, so don’t worry people.
Im not going anywhere!!

I’m surprised that any device that hadn’t received an update past ICS or Jellybean could actually run PQ lol


buy a new phone… its 2019 for crying out loud :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Android 9 is already out.


Actually Huawei just announced pie coming to the p20 , so I’m good thanks


Some of us can’t afford new phones.

Oh, well, it’s been fun, peeps.


Kitkat version 4.4 was released 2013
I don’t think you have a nokia 3310, so you should be able to get 4.4

Some can afford Pie 9.0 :))


I got to looking, looks like I have version 5 something, so I should be good.


Good old lollipop.
I miss that look.

This new stuff is weird


nokia 3310 was Symbian not android


It’s actually “Series 30+”