Got robed this game robed me


Got robed bye this game took my money and scred me


Least you got scred

Usually people complain when people take your money and then leave without getting scred.


Sorry Polaris

It was that , or point out that I didn’t realise that pq were selling clothing yet… :wink:


What colour robe is it?


Hmmm okay mate


@Pixie_Mici @Turtle @WizarteroX
You are such meanies :joy::joy::rofl:


If you don’t find what you purchased in the mailbox, then send a ticket…

Ps: nobody robbed you


goes into helpful, non-snarky mode

If you purchased an in game deal and did not receive your items, you should send a ticket to support and I’m confident they’ll get you squared away. To do this click on your game avatar and then support. Hope it all gets worked out :grinning:



So that’s what helpful and non snarky looks like.

I don’t like it.


Well tbf, he didn’t give us enough info to help him

For all I know he could mean that PB tracked him down and stole his money
and “scred” him after that (:slight_smile:)


:joy: that’s true, but they won’t do that ( me looking at the current deals :thinking: )
Ok, I get what I buy, so that’s just me being stupid if I purchase them :tipping_hand_woman:


At least it didn’t disrobe you.


No… If they had disrobed him, he might have been scred for real




In an alley, they forced him to hand over the money or get hurt by the new owl set gang.