Guaranteed compensation still tokens?

it was their plan all along… give a fake apology to then have the same “fixed” problem. they dont want to give out free stamps who do you think they are ??

I got four gold stamps and one set of tokens.

Is it possible that you have all the gold non hero stamps?

Wasnt guaranteed for me…and yes these are border chests … :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I think all of those were in the shop for diamonds or in deals so doubt they’re in chests


That may be the case but these “guaranteed” items require an inventory list to show players what they may actually contain
Rather than the current descriptions “generic fallback rewards”… :rofl:
Hoping pb add that cause saves everyone using airplane mode all the time

Just filter on In style chests. If u having something Greyed out, u have something to drop. If everything lit, your geting honour tokens


Mustve missed this part… sweeet if its there buried beneath layers of other stuff

Cheers for heads up

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