Guaranteed Cosmetics

My guaranteed cosmetic and stamp chests only seem to drop (useless) honor tokens now. My assumption is that I’ve exhausted the available “guarantees”. However, I have many hero stamps and other partially completed sets.

Could we shuffle some things around to make these (mildly) interesting again? My OCD will thank you.

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Hammer time. …

Something something guaranteed cosmetics.
Shuffle them round to give old players a reason to return and collect them all.


click on in style chests, for each, if you have things greyed out you’ll get them, all colour nothing but honour tokens. But yeah rotate some old skins n frames or put them in contests as rewards or diamond deals

Same here… we need to be given the chance to fill slots where that choice has been taken away… please

Some people just like playing with flags

I like playing with guaranteed cosmetics, particularly when they are shuffled around to allow more people to see (I mean collect) them, without fear of them suddenly disappearing from the screen :slight_smile:

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