Guild Contest Feedback!


We’re halfway through our first Guild Contest - what do you think?

###How hard was it to compete? (1=Too Easy, 5=Too Hard)

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###How would you rate the rewards? (1=Terrible, 5=Awesome)

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###Would you like to see more Guild Contests like this in the future?

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What other type of Guild Contests would you like to see in the future?

  • Guild Influence Gain
  • Dungeon Related (Floors cleared, Chets opened, etc)
  • Resource Related (Stamina, Diamond used)
  • Fortress Related
  • Campaign Related

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I think the rewards overall were pretty meh, but they were also easy to get (progress-wise), so I guess you have to balance that in your voting; it’s also only a 1 day contest and that plays a part as well. My biggest gripe about the rewards is for the rank rewards - stamina items are absolutely more valuable than gold chest items, yet 1% gets stamina and the top 10 gets stuck with gold chests.

I love the idea of guild contests. I thought it was awesome when you did your year anniversary in DS (the Bizarre Bazaar Birthday Bash!). For that contest you gave points to GW and Crypt (Fortress here) tokens earned. I think something similar would make sense (thematically as well, since those are both guild-related content).

[Actually, on a semi-unrelated note, some contests that you guys ran back in DS haven’t showed up here yet - things relating to gold spending/earning and token spending/earning. Are those ever coming back? They were an interesting change of pace from the usual stuff.]

I am curious since this contest is a 1 day affair and run on Thursday (usually contests start on Friday), if that means we’ll be getting our typical solo contest this weekend as well? Hopefully yes … cause I like “free” stuff :smiley:


Sadly not getting anything. My other guildie seems to be mia.


Some feedback since it has finished:

  1. I think it would be cool if the Guild Contest Points dropdown in the guild was cumulative rather than reset after every contest

  2. In conjunction with that, it would then be nice to have contest specific scoring in the contest menu itself

[Unrelated but about keeping track of scoring and stuff … Influence rankings plssssssssssssssssssss]




I suppose this isn’t totally surprising given the way you guys typically run things (eg. usually running a spend contest before new promotion or level cap runs out, running the last dungeon contest before new dungeon content comes out), but I will say it’s a little disappointing to run the first ever Guild Contest for purple scraps (forcing people to spend stamina/diamonds etc) and then follow that up with a diamond/stamina contest …

At least you’re predictabe, I guess:

edit: tehe



Thank you all for your feedback on the Guild Contest! Please remember that if you have constructive feedback on other parts of the game, you can start a new thread.