Guild contest progress rewards

The progression rewards for collecting scrap for guild contests needs to be looked at, and preferably lowered.
Right now, my guild is at 35 million pounts, and ranked 48th place overall. 48th place is top 25% for guild placement, but at our current rate of earning scrap, we wont even unlock the first progressive prize… but we’re still on pace to earn top 25% rewards (which honestly is the silver lining).
But this means over 75% of guilds wont even unlock the first progressive prize.
If I remember right, progressive prizes were supposed to be for the F2P crowd, and rank prizes was the whale bait. But guild contests based on these progressive prize rates necessitate that each guild has a huge percentage of whales dropping massive amounts on stamina to unlock the progressive prizes for their entire guild. Raiding dungeons, competing trials, buying shop scrap, and farming with normal stamina doesn’t come close to unlocking progressive prizes anymore.
With the numbers the way they are, a full guild of 40 needs on average 1 million plus scrap from each member. If youre in a partial guild or with alot of inactives, that number can easily increase to several million scrap for each member to farm, which is only possible from buying stamina to farm the campaign.
I understand that contests are designed to get the player base to use resources and thereby buying more resources, but the main number I’m focusing in on here isn’t the 1 miilion scrap, its the 75% of guilds that wont even unlock 1 progressive prize tier. As of right now only 29 guilds have unlocked the first progressive prize. Realistically, only 40 guilds will unlock any progressive prizes, and out of the top 40 guilds, most wont even be able to unlock all of them.
None of this seems fair, or honest. If progressive prizes are ment to be this tough to unlock, then the rewards should reflect that difficulty. Tier 1 prizes aren’t worth the resources used to collect them.

I like and enjoy the contests, but the guild collect gear scrap are the absolute worst. They’re basically getting to the point where one is better off skipping them. Because i honestly dont understand how a guild can end up with a top 25% place finish (again, as of now, the silver lining) and not unlock a single progression prize.


Agree with you 100%. Its ridiculous how high the point breaks are. Less than 20 guilds have received all reward breakpoints.

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I’m lucky to be in RealmHunters who have a few whales to help us out. However, 100% agree. Insanely high targets for the ‘f2p accessible’ rewards

More definitely needs to be done in these contests without f2p players relying on whales to get them to rewards

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Couldn’t agree more.
It wasn’t that long ago that our top folks wouldn’t hesitate to knock ourselves out to make sure everyone got the progress rewards but the rewards just aren’t worth the resources, not even close.

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I also totally agree, the rewards are verrry poor and the price insanely high

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besides that I’m buying every stamina pack in shop while sitting on over 60k diamonds but can’t sustain myself on stamina packs for normal contests anymore let alone guild contests