Guild gameplay-hero upgrades

They Really Need To Do Something With All The Extra Guild Influence…

*I Don’t Understand Why You Can Max Out Your Guild Influence So Fast! They Need Some New Upgrades, Unique To The Type Of Guild You Wanna Be! FOR Example: If You Are A Big War Guild You Can Use Special Influence On WAR, Or If Your A Fortress Guild - You Can Add Missions In Fortress. Even Power Hungry Guilds Can Have A Hero Upgrade Area… I Just Think It’s A Waste Right Now, Being Maxed Out, All The Time! When The Points Are There! I Believe It Would Bring A Unique Perspective And Advantage To The Game… It Will Also Start Getting More Players Active Again, Because Of The Excitement Of Being Able To Upgrade Again.


Just spend it in guild shop

More perks are welcome though

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Yeah all maxed out with characters already with shops! So can’t wait for more perks for the guilds! I have tons of influence waiting! LOL