Guild not matched in war

My guild, Disney’s AR, was not matched for war today. I know for a fact that we did not unqueue, and we are not far enough along in the season for the rankings to get spread out and make matching difficult. So, what happened?

we did not receive an automatic win, rewards, or bumped into the next tier … like we should have been

Nega, your guild was probably just unlucky
Sometimes there aren’t “enough” guilds to have every guild participate

And pop, if you believe the game didn’t give you the “reward” then send a ticket to support

You don’t have to respond like we’re idiots and haven’t been playing this game for 2 years.

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Just answered the questions?

Being edgy isn’t always cool mate


We wouldnt be so edgy if PQ would give us an answer. Heck even a basic we are looking into it response. Theres a TON of money dumped into this game every weekend and they cant offer better customer service then this?

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Did you send in a support ticket? That’s the best way to get a direct response to an issue. The agents can dig into the logs and see what happened.

The forums is not an official support channel, but a place for discussion and information sharing.

I did, as soon as I saw we hadn’t been matched. I’m still waiting for a reply.

My tickets been I there for 24hrs with no response. I could get better service at the DMV.

Crewman chill tf out man

Wow 24 hours isn’t much when you know how many Devs take care of the support
This isn’t you local target with 1000 employees doing nothing

So don’t be angry at PB, you’ll get your response when it’s your turn

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I’m a customer, PB is a buisness. I’m not going to chill out because PBs solution to issues like this is ignore it and hope it goes away. I’m still waiting for a visible spar screen but I’m willing to wait on that because it’s not time sensitive. I wont be ignored and I wont chill out until I’m treated like a human being and atleast given the respect of a response. That’s not asking much A RESPONSE. So dont tell me to chill out unless your on either side of this current situation.

At no point were you not treated like a human. You submitted a ticket, it was put into a queue of other tickets and will be addressed when it comes up. It’s only been 24hrs and you’ll get a response, you’ve done your part and unfortunately things don’t happen instantaneously


Tell me one organization that would consider a service response under 30 hrs as instantaneous? I could cancel 15 cell phone plans in this time and most people consider that the pinnacle of bad service.

We recieved a response which is a start so I’ll back off my ticket complaint for now. It did however raise a new question as to how and when were we removed from war que? Ticket submitted so back on the list.

I know that the team is looking into the logs for the war queuing. From my quick look at it, it appears the guild wasn’t marked to autoqueued, but Samms is handling this issue and has done the research.

We don’t say anywhere we have instant service, in fact, there’s an auto response to all tickets that outlines our business hours, and that we typically reply to ticket within a couple business days.

We have a very small team in CS - there are 3 of us that handle all the tickets and the community for 2 live games. We do triage the queue and handle time sensitive issues first, but you need to be a bit more patient please.

Also want to note that if multiple people sent in a ticket about the same guild issue, we typically communicate with one (a leader if possible), so that could be why your individual ticket went longer without a reply.


Thank you for the feedback.

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