Guild Perks used by War chief!


Hey everybody. I own a guild, and today I looked at the points (perks) and we had like about nothing. I went to the wall chat and saw that a War Chief was able to buy perks! I thought that only Leaders and Commanders are able to do that! I am a bit disappointed. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks


It’s always been this way, never been an issue. If you have a good relationship with your war chief and trust their judgement it shouldn’t be a problem.


Need to use the leader chat more. My guild usually discusses the next perks we’re going to buy ahead of time.


Warchief is always trying to buy war perks for me… A little out of my comfort zone. I understand completely!


I did it with good intentions but I apologize, bumpy the time I realized what I did I felt like crap, again I apologize. This is war chief. At the time I was thinking we needed more players, higher rank and all. Again, my apologies . FREEZE