Guild Poachers are killing the game


Is it me or is anyone getting tired of building a guild for others to poach off of. I build my guild by recruiting from the recruit chats not from others guilds begging constantly. I enjoy the competition but whay competition when the top guild constantly trying to take your members away. Soon no guild is gonna be strong cause they gonna keep poaching. It’s gettying rather annoying n the game is becoming less and less fun.tgere should be some thing complimented that prevents this like you can hide the members in ur guild or u can’t personally message another guilds member unless u see them on post but you can’t do it from viewing the guild or something.


One guild will be strong :wink:

What server are you on?


We aren’t losing the friend a stranger in a guild again. :innocent: took 6 months to have that reinstated the first time round it was removed back when there were only 2 servers :sunglasses:


Nobody is forcing anyone to leave… Happy loyal people stay, unhappy people or people only looking for rewards leave to a higher guild… There are plenty of things killing this game, poaching isn’t one of them.


poaching is disrespectfull & the lazy way players take top players from your guild…there are other more honorable ways to find active higher level players. poaching is the least of the issues lately in the game.
would be great if they stopped merging the servers. it really knocks down the mid level guilds & players. is pb loosing so many players that they have to merge the servers? what is the point of all these mergers? woukd like to see them put all f2p on one server & p2p on another.


just get loyal members


Disloyalty isn’t the culprit in this specific guild circumstance. I’d like to believe that disloyalty also didn’t play a role with certain people who left before I did.

I’m going to state the obvious now: it’s a choice for people to band together in a guild that is capable of maintaining success. Simple.

The only people who can “kill” PQ, are the game devs/owners.


Though I admit that poachers are annoying… They are not fully responsible for the members deciding to leave the guild they are in which can just simply be they’re unhappy where they are and the idea of being in another place is what catches their interest… My big issue is the recent bribes that have come into play since packs have been able to be bought for others


This is a rather useless topic. Like others have said if u don’t want your members to leave then get loyal people. If you can’t do that maybe you shouldn’t be a guild leader, maybe u should just be a member sounds like that would take allot of stress off of u. Lol


Who is pq if you don’t mind me asking I’m rather new


PQ is the abbreviation of Portal Quest.


Poaching is annoying tho. Being someone that is asked repeatedly by several different guilds to join them at first was flattering but has become redundant and some get quite rude when I say no thanks… If people weren’t so distasteful about it, it’d be a different story


People are going to poach no matter what you do. They are not “killing” the game.


Poaching is fun and part of the game. Maybe learn to pick up a few new players yourself. You might like it. :joy:


Plus you never know who is unhappy with their guild


DA on s1.2.3 ,biggest poachers there are


Who is that? Never heard of them.


Biggest Poachers you say…:thinking:


Start poaching guild leaders…that’s the ultimate poach lol.


I’m always complaining that no one tries to poach me. Aren’t too many people more burnt out than guild leaders are. Offer me member only status and I might just be swayed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: