Guild Poachers are killing the game


Maybe if you “retire” someone will poach you :joy::joy:


Jenni come be a Member of Dragon Warriors :grin:


Orrrrrrrrrr… join the no pants party :slight_smile:


Bring @PrincessJessa back with you :wink:


Success is earnd not just given. Its patience. Ive could have jumped ship many times but i guess i dint mind not rushing to victory and try to build :man_shrugging:


Lol some have. Im not a quitter. But i dint need to poach members from other guilds whats the point of the recruit chat if dudes aint using it

Edit: Please don’t use offensive language in your forum posts. ~Polaris


Lol i dint need to im a grinder i like to earn not cheat my way. Lol. I prefer to recruit from the recruit chat lol


Do you need a new guild? Asking for a friend…


Nope lol jus dont like the guild poaching.


Who are these guilds offering bribes and how do I get in touch with them??


When you find out, let me know.