Guild Promotion


I think it would be great if there were more roles available within the guild other than leader and members. Co-leader and other levels would encourage more activity within the guild if there were personal accolades to strive for.


There are!

Here’s a simple list of their powers:

  • Leader: Almighty, can change the leader.
  • Champions: Can do almost everything the leader does, but can only promote/demote/kick officers or lower. Can accept members and change settings.
  • Officers: Can demote/promote (maybe even kick) veterans and members. Can maybe also accept new members.
  • Veterans: Get some credit, but no power.
  • Normal members. Can do nothing special.

Ranks correlate with the amount of stripes. 4 is leader, 0 is a normal member. The rest should be guessable.

I wasn’t sure about everything, but this should be fine summary.


It’d be great if this list was updated :slightly_smiling_face: