Guild Shop Assistance Required

Hi All,
Finally got around to opening up the Guild Shop. I might be the leader of the Guild, but haven’t got a bloody clue what I’m doing with this one. The thing that might help would be a user video. Anything available online, is there a link to the best description or demo. Please help.

I’d start by reading the info tab on the shop itself.

Guild shop is a bit of a nesting doll.
Unlocking it is nowhere near the end of what you’re going to expend on it once you go down that road.
You pay to “unlock it” then you pay to upgrade it and you pay to stock it. It’s a bit of an influence suck and there’s very little return. Outside of Portal Lords Guild Shop is not particularly useful.

However if you really want to get it running, get it levelled up so you have more access to better items. Folks have a daily quest to donate to it so that part shouldn’t be too hard. I suggest donating White or Green items that you have a lot of. Carob Chips are a nice start.

For portal lords we’ve found that stocking the following helps:
Resource Shop - Boss Keys & Epic Keys
Gear Shop - A mix of Orange Scraps and Purple Scraps
Hero Shop - Once you know the faction you’ll be going, some stones from whatever hero from that faction is on offer.

That’s all just my personal experience. Someone else may have a different take on it.

Stock strength and vitality for when your guild Timmy takes the quest then asks where you get it from…

Mind you, being Timmy, they probably won’t have any scrip left to buy it…

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I just very nearly snorted tea all over my key board lol

We tell people a few days before PL to start holding Fortress rewards in mail so luckily this isn’t a thing for us. knock on wood

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