Guild shop... Lmao


24 stamina!! Lmao… at this point in the game (s1-s5) it’s just ridiculous… what we have asked for is a place to sell excess shards and scraps to our guildies not a place to throw it in a trash can… this shop helps nobody but you(perblue) and if it helps anyone else just a bit it’s is that allready have enough… this is a definate re-think… because even if it’s “better than nothing” the result in ppls mind is opposite… always said you would never do a shop like the one ppl asked for and you just proved me right


The real joke is the money from Tower.

At this point you cant make enough gold from the 2 runs to even lvl more than 1 skill point on a toon.


The guild shop has potions (2000 x 5). I’d say it’s worth it for those alone.


And you must remember that there are 40 people in guilds… so yeah, one person (or a handful) gets it all.

Why each person in the guild isn’t allowed one buy, I’ll never know.


It’s 200 and not 2000… at least in our guild shop (lvl3 atm so 15x200) a total of 3000 to share with 45 members… that’s what I get every day from fortress… not worth it imo


well, ours at level 1 is 2000 x 5. We often don’t finish very easy, so 2000 is very helpful for us.


Are you sure it’s not 2000 scrip for 200 potion? Seems strange that you guys get x10 the amount we do with a shop of lower lvl


It’s probably just rng that we got that option.


So that’s 200 strength potions, at a cost of 2000 scrip @Oasis_Is_Finesse as @City_Hustlers_II suggested





Easy mistake to make @Oasis_Is_Finesse, guild shop is new and new things are confusing :wink:


It’s worth it for epic shards when it’s ones I need. It’s not a treasure trove of goodies but it definitely is helpful. And I normally wouldn’t purchase potions cause it’s not worth it imo but sometimes I’m 200 short so it saves me from having to wait a day to add a crystal to my hero. It’s it the best thing ever? No. Can it be improved, probably. Worthless? No.