Guild store scripts

I understand the concept of the store and helping your guild. We are just starting to make our store of course I come to discover you gotta upgrade after you even purchase the store which I think is wrong, you should be able to do a basic store to start.

What I am really wanting to know is there a way to donate my scripts to members?

I am so high in power and fully equipped that I will not be buying from the store.

Any suggestions?

Nope, there’s no way to do that, unfortunately. But it’s a good idea!

Just use the scripts for PL or to get some extra shards for the latest heroes :wink:

Per blue could have implemented a system that was much less needlessly obtuse.

The least that needs doing is

  1. A rebalance of the currency
  2. An increase in the maximum donations
  3. A daily quest with a hefty bonus for donating

These three things would be the absolute minimum requirements for making the guild shop something people actually use, and want to spend influence on.
Which in turn would drive more people to spend more time and money on portal quest.

Which is kind of what the developers would like?



Exactly :+1:

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How do you stock guild shop without spending diamonds?

Be a leader or commander :smirk:

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They say they have to spend them too…I was wondering if we upgrade will that help?

If there is enough influence, they don’t need to spend diamonds…
You could say that they have both options available :wink:
Updating the shop is a good thing, but requires influence again… So your guildies have to earn a fair amount first…

How to update

How to add to the store

You say if there is enough influence, you do not have to spend gems. How does that work? Sorry to be a bother. This game drives me nuts sometimes. I’m too use to dragon soul so anything different or new throwns me sadly

Uggg I see it now…never mind my last reply. But right now they can only use gems, do they have to upgrade something?

Nope, they just need the influence required…
If there isn’t enough influence earned, they need to stock up with diamonds :wink:
As you can see in the picture above, there can be a lot of influence required, just for 1 shard…

It’s their guild rank @Lela_the_wink

Only leaders or commanders get that screen.

War chief and below don’t…

Even if there’s 6 million influence in the pot

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