Guild War 2.0 Questions/Discussion/Feedback

Guild War 2.0 is out with update 3.7. This thread is for questions, general war discussion, and feedback.

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Where did the T1 towers go? :wink:

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Mage tower buffs didn’t change either

Also, perks are still referencing AP, not AC

T1 towers will be fixed with a server restart at 12:45 PM CT today.

Guild Perks and new mechanics won’t change over until new war is activated on server 4 tomorrow.

Other servers won’t see any changes until new war starts on that server.


S10 got the war update. Lol

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In the patch notes it said something about 75 pts being awarded in the rare case of the keep being destroyed before the end of the war but after the 24 hr mark. How is that ever possible if wars only last 24hrs? Was it a typo or am I missing something?

Hello Elly :slight_smile:
War. War never changes

Apart from today.
New war system will only last 24 hours, rather than three days

Hi. :blush:Yes, I got that. But it was in the part about scoring and how many points you get for the keep. How can the keep be destroyed after 24hrs if wars are only 24hrs? Screenshot_20190603_233914|312x500

Mici needs glasses

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It looks as tho both side mages can be selected as the same buff. Would these stack for the keep and other mages (for example if I had 2 finesse dmg reduction mages, would finesse attacker’s have -80% damage when attacking the lords mage - assuming all mages were still up)? I understand mages buff their side only, but there is some cross over with mages and keep.

I was hoping for 10% healing on defenders lol

Tie breakers being monitored too

What does the auto donate button do? Since nothing is gained during war is it useless?

Also will surrender war ever be possible? Like maybe ten or twelve hours into war?

It means that when the next war starts your Attack Points will automatically be donated to the bank so your leadership can give them out

Would love that to be true! where does this say this carries over? Never did before why I am asking…

any news from server 4 guys hows the new war2.0 filling like?..

Since each guild start in the same tier, most of the wars were : a top or casual guild VS a low activity or almost dead guild :sweat_smile:
We will have to wait a couple of tiers to have a significant amount of “interesting” wars :slightly_smiling_face: