Guild War 2.0 Questions/Discussion/Feedback

Yes @Athena_II Because good sportsmanship is a hard concept to understand for some people…
And when you try to explain it, you are being told you are acting like a kid :thinking:

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Racing another guild was fun when there was regen. Racing a guild in the current format isn’t fun just time consuming. I hope they use your suggestion for the tiebreaker. It would add strategy. Do you wait until the other guild finishes before starting to see how many points you have to use, ignore them and just go with the flow so you are never rushed, or a combination of both.

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I had not experience war 2.0. But
It seems, that beside making refresh more costly, powering up mage effect, making hit of tower cost more (mage 2aps, T2 2aps, T3 3aps and keep 4aps) or what ever is been think. Will not solve the main problem of the new system and the core that I believe most of us as player like of the game, you need to work on strategy base and work as team.

One of the reason the regen system on ear system 1.0 work is that give all the times zones the opportunity to participate. So I believe that some boundaries on the number if hits have to be set.

Also the race rule have to be terminated. On war 1.0 we have a race but even on the best case scenario you would have to work as team to get to the target.

Maybe this has to be set back again. Put a trigger to end war. Or maybe make a limited number of attacks in a given time window.

You better make some changes before the war season end and get feedback again before implementing on other sever for the good of the game. And sorry that S4 was a test on it.

I believe we all have suggest maybe times yo have player tester for this stuff

Also looks like the tule that top and bottom mage only affected that part of the board is not good. Maybe the 1st approach where tower affect all was better.

Just some thought of a not experience player over this new system…


Yes to make this game still playable by a large percentage of the diehard players there needs to be some strategy and skill involved. Used to be strategy for dungeon, then dungeon got too easy. Epic dungeon was a bit more strategy… now can be taken by any three heroes once red was introduced. War was last remaining strategy and now it will become who can take 11 lines in war first. You all say a fix will come but by then most of our players will have not hit in war since the season started and will have left the game. Even your recommended fix is merely a bandaid on a bullet wound.


Yup @Athena_II :crazy_face:

So it begins… sad state of affairs.

This new war system is not an improvement, it may actually ruin the game for us veterans. Can I get an amen?


This new war system has ruined the best part of the game and the rollout was amateur. A lot of people have spent a lot of money on this game, myself included. Can not understand how you guys possibly thought this was a good idea.


Could not said it no better

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The whole reason war was changed , was because a group of players representative of the top 50 guilds in each server complained about the restrictive nature of ap.

A war discussion channel was set up , where those representative people had their chance to comment on ideas for how to change the war.

IIRC there wasn’t a lot of people saying “oh no, keep AP , the delay in having to hit is amazing”.

Perhaps we have gone too far the other way, and there is clearly some teething problems.

But please don’t be like “wah, per blue changed war for the fun of it. Why did they do this? I loved the old system, bring it back.”

Where were you when your discord leader chat rep came back to your guild and asked you what your thoughts were?

Oh… You weren’t in the leader chat?
Git gud :wink:


For balance, here is me moaning at the Devs that they asked us all for ideas, then went away and created war.

Then launched it without discussing what they’d come up with.



I disagree, I’m from Australia and have absolutely zero issues participating in war.

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So it didn’t even matter if you were in there or not… seems they still did their own thing and didn’t go back and make changes when it was obviously pointed out to them. Also, I wonder if any of those fifty actually thought about the thousands and thousands of regular members and how many play the game. Seems they just wanted to make their lives easier with this fix as now leaders really have little to do, yet it ruined the fun of the game for all the regular members. Before you go there pixie… I will point out that I am one of the primary warleader of the current top s4 guild and former leader of another one that dominated the server. I know the amount of work that goes into winning. And I Still say they killed the fun for the masses and for the leaders too. Now their work is trying to get all members to show in first hour or two just to not be “slaves to the AP”.

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I often argue in the leader chat that the people there have no clue what it’s like to be a light spender and try to play this game lol.

There is clearly a slant towards spenders and heavy players , given how the group is made up of the top guilds.

The options were pretty much ap or no ap.
As you well know, having warchiefs available 24 hours a day for linechecks was a lot of work.

I agree with you that they have gone too far the other way, and this is a race which some of my guild will never take part in, due to timezones.

Yes, new war needs tweaking.

My point that I was making is that old war was bad too.

We need to make this new model better.
Because I like a lot of this new model, more than I liked the old system.

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I would rather they made this better, than go back to ap and make that better.

Anyone who was around in S1 back in the day remembers what 20 minute blitz wars were like in the first season.
It got better.

This will too.

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Sorry for triple post lol.

Another example of how per blue takes good ideas and implements them badly is the guild shop , initially discussed by @SueyJitSu

His model was a lot less… Cumbersome

(Speaking of people in my guild that can’t war in new system lol)

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As a WC I was one that spend to much time on the game. So I understand the point that was too time consuming. And I was ask by my leader for my opinion about new war system. I also had a pretty cool suggestion for war rebuild (Wat reinforcements). If anyone is interested I can talk on other forum about it

At that point, without knowing too many details of the new war system I told my leader that. If the remove Aps, some kind of limited attack window should by implement. At that by not mean war should be a race. I am sure that this was share. Well maybe this was just the minority of the discord.

And yes agreed that the first thought I had about guild shop where totally different.

At the end the idea is that developers get the feeback and make the adjustments is clear that never 100% of player would agreed on changes, that is also part of the game. But I believe that is clear that as now the 90% of the player that are on S4 using the system are not ok with it. And that other player are other server are also worry becuase we care about the game.

This is not to complain. Is to make sense to try to point the developers on new direction or ideas, that can bring new stuff on the game but at the same time where we don’t loss the essences of war. " Strategy, team work" on of the factor that was out of the equation long time ago is power. But if I remember well at some point we can win battles on war having a big difference on level, because the little boost of first wave and of course correct line ups and manual skills.

But as per now the more important is to get back to strategy and team work to win wars.