Guild War 2.0 Questions/Discussion/Feedback

Our average war time in war 2.0 is about 4 hours per war with a wait time of 44 hours. Time zones that sleep during start of war can’t participate and the ones that are available can use unlimited refreshes/same heroes making war non existant to half of our guild members. Why are you eager to push this war setting to other servers?


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I don’t pay to play a game so that I have to be part of the development process to stop it falling apart. That’s the developers job. That’s what my money goes to.

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Not replying specifically to your post just jumping on the end of this topic…
crazy ass war changes were in discussion from season 3 of server 1
2 options… Blitz wars or the other more tedious method
It’s been coming for a long time
I welcome the change, and yes it’s first try outs have been disruptive, but it has still had numerous successes too
I don’t see any guilds on s4 absconding from war, all I see is those teams still taking part and still winning as they would’ve prior to the change

Only thing different is players being unable to hit due to timezones, which lets be honest is a hassle to anyone who likes war and can’t hit.

Aside from that there’s only the kill keep in 10 hours rush.
After that there is still another 14 hours to wait for your players to come online and hit

No one says you have to finish in 2 hours…
Tie breakers weren’t based on speed of war but technique

Whatever reworks occur will still upset players regardless.
Adapt, regroup and learn a new pattern of play style or keep on moaning about a system that to me is very much a welcome change


A well thought out post about the pros and cons of the new war, @Cottontail

Isn’t that against the rules of this forum lol?

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I’m thinking judge Judy could be slightly off topic.
But it was easier than attempting to put my feelings into words from that last post lol.

Even with my terrible S4 heroes, I can compete more in this new war structure.
And I don’t have to worry about manning a war room chat all day.

Per blue have already stated they are working on the issues identified, so I for one am looking forward to the 3.8 update changes

P.s. if they don’t get it sorted and continue to tweak it moving forward as we identify other issues, yes I will join the mob with my pitchfork and torch.
But for now, I tutted like everyone else at how easy it was to game the system, and await the changes

If me and dcl can win wars between ourselves and it saves our half our level players from losing a war and earning them some free stuff…
Well then, I call that success for the little people :rofl:

The changes to ap usage…
Capped donation amounts
Capped refreshes
Not much more they can tweak aside from mage tower buffs/debuffs in terms of redistribution of top and bottom to cover whole field

Mages are redundant as it is
2ap Tower is the only viable one tbh on s1
On s4 that same mage tower needs to come down but for the wrong reasons
It doesn’t interrupt much gameplay just better to go middle to ensure you have choices when approaching keep

But yes… Bring on the change, like a flood, come to cleanse the play style in pq

Second tie breaker all about speed. First tie breaker currently favors the guild with the least amount of defensive lines and even with the “fix” will be pointless for top guilds. So. Unless the first tie breaker is changed to actually account for technique and skill (Ie total amount of AC for same amount of points), to win you have to finish first. Straight race and cannot wait for your members to wake up. So while I like your premise, the reality of these tie breakers are very different. Possibly the tower cost changes will mean a lot less guilds can clear the map, it still favors speed for actual win.

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3.8 will address the tower-filling oddities and will ensure that war will require everyone’s participation. Furthermore, clearing the map will be much more difficult (losses will mean something).

Like many others, I have suggestions on how to fix the war issues. I tried to come up with a solution that changes things as little as possible.

  1. If you clear the board, you win. If both guilds clear the board, they both win (not a tie – they both gain the benefits of a win (and a loss in terms of crowns, but still positive for both)).
  2. If both sides have had a full clear this season, all enemy lines are buffed with +10% health and damage per win of the team with fewer wins. The last battle could have a +140% buff.

Several problems will be solved: This will allow players in all time zones to participate. The race goes away and is replaced by skilled attacks. Regening will be less efficient than letting everyone attack once a full clear isn’t possible.

The first few rounds will be easy clears by both sides. Eventually clearing certain lines will become impossible and the strategy will shift to making attacks that leave the easiest clean. The most lines cleared will at some point become a meaningful tie breaker.

Obviously the 10% buff will need to be tweaked. There are problems with this system, as there will be with any system, but it solves many of the current problems.

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@Oasis_Is_Finesse Is it an info from discord ? I know they cant fix everything, but the ONLY thing that Is important now is to stop the 10 minutes wars in server 4 (thats pretty much what it takes to take down 11 lines ) :expressionless:

I’d show you screenshots of what PB said in the Discord server … but I have currently been taken away from those channels. I cannot see the War Discussion channel anymore.

I have been a bad boy.

Also … I don’t like the fact that they created this discussion … but have not participated in it.
Are they expecting those in their Discord server to relay their own information and to answer questions for them?

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Totally agree that a developers lack of participation is really dismissive of its players. I guess you got to be the elite few they chose before they will listen to what you have to say.
I will raise a secondary concern: lopsided wars are more common now than they were before. These tiers were designed I suppose to get more evenly matched wars but they do not. Even now a little less than half way into war season… only the top tier is still competitive. All other tiers have absolutely lopsided war results with one team dominating another (well except for the zero zero battle in tier six). This seems to be a feast or famine war design since if you lose you likely get a super easy war staying down in your tier and if you win you get a super hard war until more smaller guilds win. While tier two will only be two guilds and only one moving on to tier one… these tiers will get flooded as war progresses so that by end of war many smaller guilds will be challenger so that war matchups become uneven even there. Take a look at the war results from just the second most top tier…

Update: the Two teams that lost the race get promoted when the winning teams do not. Well that’s seems reasonable in this new war system:

Gonna fix it now per blue?

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