Guild war crashes


So its been happening alot lately… ill go and in war and my game will crash… Id be fine if the attack went through… But instead it uses my troops, my war points and says i ran away from battle. Can we plesse fix this! My phone is a galaxy note 9


Even the most infinitesimal break in network service will cause this to happen.

I hit with the brazen confidence of an underage drinker in a nightclub. Thankfully with better results mainly lol.

However other people have their own pre hit routines.
If your issues are on mobile data, only hit when on Wi-Fi.
Or vice versa.
If you have both WiFi and mobile data switched on, Turn one off.
My phone switches automatically between the two as needed.
That millisecond blip? Flee.

If it happens no matter what network service you are using at that point, then you need to start doing the “force closing and opening pq back up before opening war screen”…

My guild on s4 introduced that, and it was clear at that point I needed to move on.

I miss you, indigo haze, but that’s some high levels of over thinking things… :slight_smile: