Guild War, Crowns, Points and Rankings

Does the Guild with the most Crowns at the end of the season win the war?

And are the crowns based on how many points you accumulate or by how many Towers taking out?

Yes, the ranking is a ELO based one so the most crowns indicate the number 1. And towers give points, but clearing the whole field adds the Attack Points you got left to your points too, which determines winner, regardless of who cleared first of who got the most towers killed (if you killed a tier 1 tower it just adds 10 points). Unless it’s a stalemate, then the last winning attack or the one with the least amount of lines left in the tower they’re attacking decides who wins.

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The amount of crowns you earn (or lose) after a war is based on one thing.

The difference in crowns between your two guilds before the war started.

How many towers / lines you take only affect the win or loss.
You could clear the board with no losses, or you could squeak a win by one line taken…

Crowns earned would be exactly the same.

You could lose by one line, or the opposing guild could clear the board while you don’t swing once…

Crowns lost would be exactly the same.

There’s a formula somewhere that calculates the amount of crowns you win / lose, depending on the difference in crowns between guilds.
Guilds have used this to decide whether or not they should choose to fight the last wars of the season, if they are in first place.


Thanks for your explanation. One more question. Does it matter which Towers you take out after taking the Keep? For instance does it benefit you in anyway to go for the higher point Towers (T3’s or Mage) after taking the Keep? Or does it NOT matter because it won’t make a difference in the crowns you will win? For example: If you take the route of T1 Lord - Lord Mage - T2 - Rook Mage - T3 and then the Keep. Once the Keep is down is it best to go for T1s verses going for T3 Knight - T2 Knight and Knight Mage which are worth more points or does it not matter at that point which one you take?

Depends on how good your opponent is.
Watch what the guild you’re fighting does.

More points per hit is what you’re looking for.

Getting the third mage is most efficient, if you take it cleanly, as the points for the tower is much higher.

T1 takes 16 credits for 10 extra points.
T2 takes 15 credits for 30? Extra points.
Mage takes 15 credits for ummm… More points.

To be honest:
That’s not the route most guilds take, if they are sure of victory.

T3 take 30 credits.
If you think about it, you could have taken the other T2 and mage, and got rid of the pesky debuff before even thinking about heading for the keep… :slight_smile:

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