Guild War Guide


Straight line.



Me gustaría saber en que se basan para elegir a los oponentes de la guerra. Ya puesto que veo que nos toca siempre con los top money


Por qué siempre nos toca un rival top 1 estando en los 5% en que se basan ???


On the leaving the war part… Leaving means closing the game then later opening to play? Seems to be an unusual requirement to have to keep game open for 3 days?


I don’t really get what you’re saying…
You can just go back to the main menu or close the game. That won’t affect the war. Only leaving during an attack has an effect.


Team level is 0, how to level up to start playing?


I believe this thread should probably be closed.

But to answer your question, you need to get to Guild Level 1. In order to do this, you need influence. Influence is gained by spending stamina or completing Daily Quests. You can also gain influence by participating in the Dungeon, which you will unlock at level 35. But you should get to 50,000 influence before this if you have 10 active members. You will need 50,000 influence to unlock Guild Level 1. Once you have done this, you will need 10 members at level 30, and then you can set yours towers and start guild war. I hope this was helpful.