Guild War Lineup Setting + Dungeon


When we set a lineup for any of the towers it would be good to have an option where we are able to see people by power. Everytime when we try to set someone in a tower we have to go through 50 lineups and see who has more power. So instead of just looking for “available” we should be able to see in descending power.

In dungeon it is a good idea to put a percantage for us to see how much of the floor we completed. Its funny that we have to go to the portal to check how much we completed Everytime!


you should be able to place them by power, by level, by stars … relying only on the power remains insufficient.


There should be a way to look at all of your guild mates toons amd power so we don’t have to send 8 screenshots to set up for war. If guildmates, id be fine with them viewing all my team as if they were there own.