Guild war power issue

When i went to attack in WAR my power was suddenly 5k lower than the person I was attacking. I’m level 84 and my heroes were fully skilled and I was attacking a level 76 in war. Is this a cosmetic issue or did the update break our heroes on server 10?

Power means nothing

Some heroes just have lower power than others, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad

That is not the issue. Before the update my heroes were stronger. They nerfed us on server 10

They fixed what they broke before.

A person who has maxed heroes would see no difference

Because the power ratings were broken before, and all heroes were showing power ratings as if they were maxed on (as Adam would say)… Their four skills and epic.

Our power was off before the update too. When we raised our skills our power level didn’t go up either

Did you not just read my message lol?

The power didn’t go up, because it was always shown as if you were maxed skills.
So it would never go up.
Because it was reading as if you were maxed.

Now they fixed it.

And it reads the right number now.
Your power ratings were wrong and over inflated on paper.

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Thing is. Its different on the war screen. Our power levels are not the same. In other areas of the game it is higher. But for war it’s significantly lower.

Upgrade a heroes skill.
It will drop to match.

War power is different than other aspects of the game. Other areas are consistent. War is the only issue.

That’s odd

I’m on server 10! What part of that do you not understand! Stop harassing me!

Attempting to understand and diagnose a issue


Fine. Samm can sort it out.

No. You weren’t listening. I am on server 10. My power drops in war. That is the ONLY place it drops

I got that.
Would love a set of matching screenshots, like the ones I posted


It’s a visual glitch, log a ticket and forget about it.


Yep. I was discussing that. Trying to get this thread closed. Lol.

Tbf Mici was just helping

Even though you’re on s10
Most of what Mici said was true

But it’s known bug, it’s fixed or being fixed idk

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