Guild war tokens reduced


We used to get 600 tokens for winning war. This war we got 380. Is this part of the new update or a problem others have? We’re top 10 in s4. We were lower last season.


Was it the first war of your season? That one will always be less tokens because technically no one is ranked until after the results of 1st war are entered


I had the same problem. Last war season, the first war was a normal reward. After my guild’s most recent win, we got a drastically smaller token reward for no apparent reason. I should include that my guild’s ranking is slightly higher, but similar to last season.


Rankings determine how many tokens you receive per war.

Either more guilds are above you this season so you’re consequently in a lower ranking so you get less points per war.

Or as talon said, probably your first war so yes the tokens received the first war are really low because you’re technically sitting at the bottom rank