Guild War Tokens


What decides the amount awarded after a win?


Three variables determine the amount of war tokens you get after a battle:

  • Whether you won or lost the battle
  • Your guild’s current war rank
  • Your VIP level

For example, I get 600 war tokens per victory as I’m in a Top 5 guild. If I WERE VIP level 8, I would get 50% more tokens than the previous number.

Losses = Half the amount of tokens as a win. So for my previous example, I would get 300 tokens for a loss.

Also, as a side note, winning a battle within a guild war will give 10 tokens, or 15 if you’re VIP level 8+.


winning a. Is well and good, but I do not understand how to collect war tokens.


When the war is finished, just click the war tab, it’ll tell you how many crowns your guild won or lost, and how many tokens you got.

But you have to participate in the war to get any tokens. This is done by attacking a line up in a tower or donating attack points.