Guild War: Tower Visual Guild Perks Preview SPAR Edition

This is a preview for what you’ll see on Spar days for each Perk Level.



Keep: The SPAR Keep is under construction, visuals will appear at Level 1. Keep visuals will change in Active War

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Next could we please have some actual useful perks to spend our influence on.


Double orange gear scraps.
Favour timer speed up.
Additional maximum favour points.
Additional tower and trials maximum daily plays.
Crusade reward multiplier.
Extra crusade refresh per day.

You know, stuffs.
That help.
Rather than look pretty.



Is level 5 mage tower literally two lanterns and a tipped over barrel?
For millions of influence…?


Yes yes and yes.

Especially orange drop rate… and if red 7 8 and 9 are going to be like orange 7 and 8 maybe look at adding red drop rate.

And favours. Yes! Even if it’s another buff item to refresh favors

Something useful would be better. Visuals… sureee but lets get some actual content.