Guild War: Tower Visual Guild Perks Preview

We added new Guild Perks that change the look of the different buildings in Guild War. This shows you what each one looks like at each perk level.


Mage Towers



Finished editing the post yet, @Samm ?

There seems to be a significant error in time period continuity. The keep is protected by a barbed wire fence which wasn’t invented until the 1870s, but the towers are defended by a trebuchet which hasn’t had military significance since the prominence of gunpowder and generally agreed was last used by Cortes in 1521 (and that was only due to a lack of gunpowder). Last successful use dates back to the late 1400s.


And I thought I was being picky going on about the two lanterns and a barrel on the mage tower…

Thank you for making me feel better :wink:

I take my historical continuity very seriously. Games can be very educational if done accurately.


Well that’s just too sensible an answer

I was all set to call you a soulless ginger , and everything.

Best go delete my memes :frowning:

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Although I’m not sure ember exists on this planet, so why you presume that this world would develop on the exact same time scales as earth baffles me…

Don’t even get me started on the magic spells, anthropomorphic creatures, etc etc…
Really, let’s not.
It could take a while, and neither of us would feel it was worth it

Trebuchet is the superior siege weapon. Lol

Yea don’t get started 'cause no one cares lul

Says the person responding to a week old post, where clearly everyone else moved on already lol

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Meh. Something to use unused guild influence on I guess.