Guilds skipping wars

There needs to be penalties for the guilds that avoid wars to not lose crowns. Every war missed should be a set amount of crowns lost. Guilds atm are skipping wars for this reason and it needs to stop. You shouldn’t be allowed to skip wars and keep your place in the ranks. It’s like a cheat of sorts and needs to be addressed!




Totally agree, I understand if you get in a decent position and want to “tactically stay there” but let’s be honest your scared of losing a place in a game your playing, by not playing the game. Top guilds will fight and not be scared of opponents


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Totally agree broo skipping wars needs a penalty for sure


I agree. Cowards skip Wars. There should definitely be a penalty system in place for skipping Wars


Same way you skip wars, follow you leader


bored already

I am my leader.

I just don’t understand the seasonal whining of “oh, we couldn’t win ourselves enough crowns so let’s complain about the people who were clever enough to use the system to their advantage and prevent themselves from losing stuff”. Yeah, when a strategical advantage is used in your opponents favour, it’s suddenly cheating. Show me where it says that in the rulebook.

And, for the record, my guild doesn’t skip wars. Our spot in the queue was mysteriously removed. I don’t know why on Earth we would possibly want to unqueue when it means we don’t make Challenger and miss rewards. Yep, seems like it’s down to being scared to me.


I agree, my suggestion is simple the more you skip the more you loss. Before challenger tier first skip is -20 crown, second skip -40. Once challenger tier has been reached if you have between 900 and 1000 crowns 1st skip lose 50 crowns. Second skip loses 100. If you skip with 1000+ crowns the penalty is doubled.


If your guild doesnt skip, then you will be in agreement of a penalty for not queuing, alternatively Perblue remove the option. My guilds dont skip either, we are also top and 2nd on 2 servers but that’s another matter. Would also remove the issue of your guild being removed from the queue


No, if my guild doesn’t skip then I am entitled to my own unbiased view on the subject. And, as a warleader guild who doesn’t intentionally skip wars, I value it is a strategical option to guilds who want to avoid losing crowns to give themselves an edge. It’s exactly the same as fleeing from a fight and pretending it’s a “disconnect”, because every single guild does that when the whole purpose of them is to cover yourself from someone unfortunately losing internet connection.

Don’t be so narrow minded as to believe that there are only two trains of thought here. It is not simply guilds who skip must want to keep the feature; and guild who don’t skip don’t. It is a strategical option. The whole point to a competitive guild, whose ambition is to finish first, is to find any way within the confines of possibility to achieve the highest crown score; preventing yourself from losing crowns by skipping achieves this.

Q.E.D. Next rant.


Don’t we gain crowns by beating guilds that are higher than us? Just checking. If a guild has reached challenger and also made it to the top, wouldn’t that mean they’ve taken out the tougher teams in their way? You can’t reach 1300 crowns by constantly skipping, can you? Just checking.

If the difference between two positions is one loss, I’m not sure why anyone would take the risk. I’m a little confused peoples. Help me out here, please.

And if a team can give their line callers a break for a day, that’s kinda nice too, no?


Everyone plays the game their own way.

To avoid people being punished for losing internet connection, guilds get two free flees.

To avoid people being punished for having a life, guild restructuring or any other reason for wanting a day off, guilds don’t have to fight if they don’t want to.

Full disclosure: I’m one of Wiz’s minions, and I agree that we should always war if most of the guild is available, because this game is just an extremely dull grind for bigger numbers without it.

But if it’s the last day of the season, and not queuing would guarantee we held our position, and queuing would pretty much guarantee we faced epidemic, then…





Estrategias al igual que hacen estartegias de defensas.

I completely agree


Ditto on the strategy thing. Wiz explained that super well. Thank you!:grin:

Here’s my addition:

Why should those guilds “skipping” wars be punished when they worked their butts off to get the mound of crowns to begin with? Jealous much? :joy: “Cheating” didn’t earn them. Maybe go spend the hundreds of hours it takes to earn them instead of trying to figure out how to have them taken away from the people who have put the time in? :roll_eyes:

Oh, and wars can be skipped because real life is going on. I hear there’s a bunch of craziness going on right now. Dunno. Just a thought. :roll_eyes:


You can’t reach it by skipping but you sure as heck can keep them by skipping. If your so good there shouldn’t be any reason to skip, after all you don’t get 1300 crowns because you suck. So prove you deserve to keep them.


I’m confused, what did I imply I was loosening in this situation?

I am not whining, simply point across my side of the discussion and pointing out the flaws in accusing people are cheaters for using a mechanic within the game to their advantage.