Had all I can stands can't stands no more ( not a Life Alert post )


Bored to tears. RevTurPixieTail: Thanks for the tolerance :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy: Goom bye


What?! Another Har Hausa and Tar Vanimelde DS crazy crewer bites the dust. Happy life or PC gaming to you !!!


To be faiiiir, the game is one long Skinner box grind


“My savings have fallen, and I can’t get them up.”


“my credit card balance has risen, and I can’t get it down”


More accurately…

“All the people in my guild that bought me deals when I said I was stopping this server to concentrate on my main account have left it now.”

Anyone want to run a super guild…? :wink:


That is tempting Pixie. But would your guildies want me?! :open_mouth::astonished::smiling_imp::angry::rage: :smile::laughing::smiley::rofl: