Having a War chat in guild war


U no what would be mint about this game if there was a war chat were u can communicate with the guild that your fighting in war …


I don’t see why that’s important to have

I just talk to my opponent in global or vip chat

Or do you want to trash talk them?


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All of your defenses are hot garbage. :grinning:
Your guild has literally 1 competent player, the rest of you are mindless sheep. Nice job.
:joy::joy::joy: that defense is so March 2019.
I didn’t attack you and leave that clean, that was my friend using my phone.


Obviously trash talk … to a limit of course lol I find it hilarious when I or someone else has like 10 plus defence dont u feel like u just wanna say somet to them lol


“thank you for the war tokens”


A 5-hero clean? Now I know why every other guild avoided you like the plague.


Deja Vu … from 2 years ago …


Arena isn’t war.
@SueyJitSu totally different things :wink:

Also… Hello boss :slight_smile:


Were these just so you can like your own posts?


Inappropriate trash talk is inappropriate

Who knew?


If you read the thread … I also suggested it would work for war



Also … no … they were so I could take advantage of server mergers and first time diamond purchase deals… back in the day


@SueyJitSu what a dastardly person you are.

What kind of person would have extra accounts on servers , just to stockpile for future merges.

Oh… Wait…
Carry on.