Hello I'm new here! πŸ˜‚


Is this how you post? :joy: I’m new here as you can probably tell lol

Comment guys! Happy to hear from you and know I’m doing this right! :joy:


Hi welcome to the community :sunglasses:


Hello and welcome Valkyrie,
Good to see new faces and not seeing Pixie the mici on every topic xD
Hi Mici too, I know you will see this


Harsh. But fair.


Hello turtle thankyou for such a warm welcome :grinning: I’ve read lots by pixie lol thankyou for all your guidance on here, it’s nice to be here with you guys!


Hi Cotton tail, thankyou for the warm welcome, it’s nice to be here, I love portal quest lol :black_heart:


Welcome!! :grinning:


Thankyou! :black_heart:


Sorry for the late reply but do not drink the punch! :wink:


Lol I’m not sure what you mean but thanks for commenting :joy:


Hi Angel and welcome to Portal Quest