Hello my friends, I have a question

Hi, I need to know when is the next server 11 open? I invite my Olds friends of dragon souls but they said. “All players have very advanced progress”. need a new server please and thanks I love u game. :hugs:

I was told “every 2 months”, but that’s not accurate at all

I think it’s normally about the time epics are out on the previous server, which is at the cap raise to 95

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Why not join Server 10? They are still capped at lvl 80 :thinking:
I joined this Server 5 days ago & do just my daylies, reached lvl 32 today :joy:
Easy to catch up, free to lvl up & NO EPIC

Wow. Epic goddess is a lovely person, Dane
Why so mean?

Oh… You meant epic skills?
My bad, carry on.

While epic skills and dungeon open at the cap raise to 90, epic goddess is correct that the next server will start when server 10 goes to 95.

If per blue follow previous approach.
They allege that it’s all secret metrics…

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Tch,tch… Pixie, Pixie… Who’s the mean one here :joy:



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