Help edit my 3 teams please


So, I’m officially at the stage where I can’t keep everyone leveled and geared or afford their skillups, i have every hero at blue+2 and with alltheir gear minus their purple items, and at level 53.

I have the people I semi randomly chose at 55 mostly skilled up and some purples.

I would like some help picking out 3 teams I can focus on.

I’m not spending money, and I’m on server 9 so plz don’t worry about SEKRITS, cause I’ll never be a threat to anyone. I’d just like to help my guild leader get some wins here and there.

Ok so my main team is:
Warblade, Howling Claw, Swashbuckler 5*(? The guy who teleports to the back line), Salty Merc, Pony Sprinkes or whatever.

My second team is:
Stone Guard, Scarred Brawler, Spellbinder, Forest Hermit 5*, Storm Wizard

Third team is:
Skull Buster, Noob Hero, Grizzled Hunter, Princess Portal, MassDestruction.

I have every hero except Dragon Heir and Scion of Chaos. Most heroes are around 3s with some 5s and 2s. If someone is 5 I figured I should try them, like forest hermit. The monthly login hero is Warp Mage, and last month was Totem Prince. The p2w heroes are Noob Hero & Salty Merc.

Now that I took ten seconds to learn Dungeon, I could have the other two bosses pretty quick, but i lack their achievements atm. But feel free to list them, I know people love dragon heir.


Owl, turtle, wander, lion knight, dragoon, Maiden, skull, panther
Salty, brass monk, wisp, mystic, snake, twins, dragon, spellbinder, pony
Some decent ones to utilise and relatively easy to farm for those

If running boss dungeons…
Fast hitting, 50% energy skilling heros from that bunch are best bet
Goon, twins, wisp work well with any other two heros in all 3 modes

Running endless… Totem is a good shout with hermit and spellbinder and any other two heros

That would be my go to lot


Alot of those heroes are missing from s9


Ginger claw fox punk
(With mass grave or hermit)

Brawler dragon pony
(With wander or war blade)
(And stalker or pp)
To be fair hermit or binder would work here too…

Salty grave and whoever you have left, out of the people you haven’t used where I’ve said A or B


Thsnks for the advice so far.

I saw something about teleporters being real broken, but it’s from November and was supposed to be fixed, but if “fixed” refers to power creep & balance, not a bug, does that mean teleporters on my server will be good now or soon?

Since I made my post I won a bunch of Noob Hero shards, so he’s gone from 1* to 4*. Is there anywhere he fits in? I’ve had him wipe my whole team single handedly before.

I also have 3* or 4* Warp Mage. And I know I got some free choices/open spaces in the team lineup, but I was surprised to not see some heroes in there, like Swashbuckler, especially now that he is backrow. Was he left out because his front row status made people dismiss him and they forgot to re-evaluate after his row change? I know in most other games of this genre, that assassin who jumps to the back row is game breaking, granted the a Swashbuckler is not an exact copy, especially as he warps into the center, not the back, but…


I made the third team from the scraps like you said, unless I misunderstood something there wasn’t a second front line for team 3, so I stuck in stone guard, but now the synergy of team 3 worries me, Grave is there boosting fury, and Wander has various atk buffs, but then Hermit and Stone Guard are basically passives? That’s a lot of pressure on Salty to get stuff done. Should I maybe swap Mass with Hermit in team 3? Also, is there a better choice than stone guard? I was thinking of putting in a front line DD but none remaining are fury.

Also about Mass, he seems like a trap character. His stats are huge but his speed is low, but his “power” rating usually has him near the top of my roster even though I neglect him. He just strikes me as a character to trick people with deceptive stats, and then he isn’t so great, am I wrong on that? I see a lot of people use him, but I’ve never noticed him being that effective. I think maybe one time his self destruct wiped my remaining team and it counted as a defeat or tie, but other than that he’s never seemed special, aside from his stats.

I have a related question about Scarred Brawler, who also has insane stats but he seems to actually back it up, is he just totally too good to be true?


Brawler is great , especially when he is at full energy and using his white skill.
The drawback is he is very squishy and needs a wander woman / warblade / warden / tanks like lion or ice that aren’t in your server yet to protect him.

As for your other suggestions, I will reply with one of my own.
Play around with them

Go into tournament and attack the same lines with different versions.
Ask your guild mates to post spars in chat for you to hit.
If a war is clearly won or clearly lost, before it ends hit the standing T1 towers with different combinations.

Try them in crusade, but retreat before they win / lose and run it again with a slightly changed line.

In short…
Don’t trust anyone.


Swashbuckler is a war cleaner
He’s not worth using for normal hits as there are much better options.

But when you’ve got a four or five hero clean up in war…
Then swash and whirling dagger come into their element, as do the other channel heroes like nightstalker and highwayman and binder

Feral brute and a finesse tank UP front and hermit with a mix of those channelers in the back line and the clean is in big trouble :wink:


I’m guessing you’ve seen how much better your first two lines are doing? :wink: