Help for beginners


I just started playing this game and from what I have found there aren’t a lot of guides for newer players.

I would really appriacte it if everyone replied to this post with some tips for beginners.

One question I have right now is if it’s worth it to buy the gold chests (can’t afford 10 so i wouldn’t get the guaranteed hero) to expand my roster a bit, barely have any heroes at all.

Any tips for a new player?

Early on those gold chests are absolutely worthwhile for expanding. The more hero’s you get the less likely you are to get a new one so later on they are worth less.

Tip is. Don’t sell any gear at the beginning. Its suprising how much of the early stuff you need as it crafts up to higher gear.


I bought the daily deal thing, should I just wait until I can buy a pack of 10 or does it not matter that much


You should wait. As you promote through arena you will be able to buy the ten pack.

And just a tip for levelling: Try to have 5 core heroes always leveled to your max level, with full gear, skills, etcetera (farm their shards), and only then use your excess resources for other heroes. And also, at the beginning you will most likely start upgrading a less useful hero. Ask in chat, ask your guild, and don’t be afraid to switch to upgrading a different hero. It’ll pay out later.


That’s kind of what I’ve been doing, I feel like I should keep all of them kind of up to date for the crusade too.


The free golden chest once every 2 days is enough. Use the gems for stamina and nuggets.

Get shards from shops. Like arena fort crusade. And do elite campaign on heroes u want. Focus on having 5-9 meta heroes and u will be fine.

I bought the 10 golden chest once only. Didnt like it. Better spend gems on those special chest deals


Okay thanks.
What’s a special cheat deal?


from time to time there are other chests like ‘overstuffed chests’ or ‘heroic chests’ or something. those give waaaay better stuff :slight_smile:


Okay cool

Is there anywhere I can find a list of what heroes are in the meta right now?


Yes. Under your hero tab, if you keep scrolling down past your current unlocked heroes - you’ll see a list of heroes you’re able to unlock.


I meant like a list of the best/most used heroes


Gotcha. It also depends on the server you’re on. Server 1 has all available heroes, while 2-4 don’t. As for which ones are the best - it could be a matter of opinion. This game is cool because you could have a ridiculously strong hero, but if you don’t pair it with the right mix of other heroes, you could render it useless. It’s about pairing skills that compliment each other. But for the sake of opinions, I personally think Hex Witch is a must. Her and Spell Binder can take out fully charged teams. I hope that is somewhat helpful for you! I bet @Helios and @Sticker_Warchief (along with others) could be more specific.


Cool, I’m on server 4 so I guess that’s the one with the fewest heroes available.
Thanks for the advice


Honestly, hero balance is in a really bad place right now. A single line in GW takes out every single defensive line regardless of MTs with close to 99% win rate. A similar line has a strangle hold on Arena lines.

92 out of 99 actual lines in Challenger Arena use Ginger. 87 out of 99 lines use Claw. 69 out of 99 lines use Oasis. 52 out of 99 use Birdman. 48 out of 99 lines use Scion. 42 out of 99 use Fox.

Important for Arena: Claw, Ginger, Dagger, Bird, Oasis, Punk, Fox
Important for GW attacks: Claw, Ginger, Bird, Punk, Fox
Important for Epic Dungeon: Your 4 Orange + Pony
Auto through Crusade on Normal team: Claw, Brawler, MD, Fox, SB

If you wanted a tier list that included everyone:

God Tier (either needs a nerf or works so well in conjunction with other heroes that they form an unstoppable team):

  • Claw - does stupid amounts of damage
  • Bird - claw’s one flaw is that he’s squishy … except not with bird! If only someone could have seen this coming
  • Fox - does a ton of damage for a control toon. His regen + sleep allows him to solo entire teams and his extra energy is very valuable for things like Crusade, GW
  • Punk - energy steal + bless is awesome. Him + Fox in GW = win.
  • Oasis - knockback paired with very fast attack speed. Teamwide stun. Bubble removes biggest threat from combat for majority of fight

Really Good tier (pales in comparison to God tier, but in a healthy hero balance would be considered the OP heroes):

  • Ginger - he’s only here because he stuns and buffs Claw. He would be down more if the Claw team weren’t so ubiquitous
  • Dagger - I still struggle against her. She’s like a sturdier version of how Swash was back before he got nerfed twice in a row into oblivion … blows up your back line and hard to kill
  • Brawler - a slightly weaker version of claw.
  • Scion - the bleed is painful and the fact that Focus friend stacks with ginger’s makes for a painful combo
  • Pony - somehow does a ton of damage despite being a great healer and support toon. Also the debuff on the white is amazing

Might just be the bees knees with orange skills (jury still out on these, but from the skill description they sound amazing):

  • Wander woman - I mean … team-wide bless + all the damage? Gonna be ridiculous
  • Bowman - white now deals stupid amounts of damage.

Good tier (also known as the old OP heroes):

  • Princess Portal - She’s still good, but the meta has moved away from backline damage dealers. If you aren’t helping Claw or suppressing the enemy, you’re not super useful
  • Hex - She’s still good and has the ability to solo teams if she’s not cursed and can get a vigor chain rolling, but … see PP
  • Highway - Good for the buff and the curse, but … see PP
  • Ice Berg - seems really good so far, despite not having one at 5*
  • Totem - Used to be really good in GW def before the unstoppable lineup of death emerged. Same in arena, really
  • Grizz (tank) - a much better version of WB.

Meh. (also known as if you have limited resources, you might want to skip these):

  • Noob - it’s hard to be a blue tank in a world filled with Claws. Had a brief renaissance during the SE meta in defense before the unstoppable lineup of death emerged
  • Maiden - she’s good, but … it’s hard to be a green tank in a world filled with Claws and Brawlers.
  • Salty Merc - nice damage, but … see PP
  • Hermit - he just doesn’t do enough outside of the buff. Maybe his epic will help

I would probably just not invest in these if I had to do it over again:

  • Mass - he was really good for a while in the SE meta on defense before the unstoppable lineup of death emerged. Now? Doesn’t matter at all.
  • Cog - see Mass
  • Willow - she’s okay I guess. Doesn’t move the needle for me.
  • Void - doesn’t seem to do enough damage for a hero that literally only deals damage
  • Grizz (backline) - if he gets his white off, he can do some damage. But rarely seen these days
  • Night - see Void. Also doesn’t help that they removed the animation delay
  • SB - takes too long to charge, doesn’t do enough otherwise. Too random to use on manual to any effect after they removed animation delay
  • Wisp - if you have a curse, she seems to do absolutely nothing. If you don’t have curse, she can’t outheal Claw. Just seems meh
  • Stone - dies so quickly to both Claw and Brawler

Please do not invest in:

  • Mohawk - never been good
  • Brute - never been good
  • Wizard - if you want a healer, go with Pony
  • Swash - never really recovered from being nerfed so many times in the beginning
  • Squire - just too many better tank options. He’s always been kind of wimpy anyway
  • LW - sad to put her here, but she’s always been far too squishy imo and there are sooo many better choices these days
  • Skull - he was useful for cleans during the Regen meta but since that is gone, so is he. Not enough dmg, too squishy
  • WB - yuck. useless outside of her shield. want a shield? bring grizz! Oasis attacks 4x as fast as her

Heroes Help Please

Wow, thanks a lot for taking the time to write that. I’m on the newest server so I guess some of the better heroes haven’t been released yet but I know which ones I should be looking to get now. Again, thanks a lot.


See, I knew Warchief would be the person for the job! :grin:


Thanks @Sticker_Warchief that was very helpful. I too, am on the new server. Will help heaps in the future


Definitely get Ginger. When facing 2 front heroes that have attack symbols (the sword icon), Ginger helps slow them down.

You need a good strong frontline, because if they fall, the back line will. Don’t bother lvling Skull Crusher when you get him (unless you really have no choice).

Stars are great and all, but you won’t collect them as fast as you can promote (unless you plan on spending money), so make sure you promote your heroes to at least the first level of purple because that extra skill is very useful.

Until you get a decent amount of heroes, you’ll have no choice but to lvl less ‘common’ ones. Try to pair what you do have together so that they will compliment each other.

When setting defenses for wars, arena and tournament, don’t select a bunch of the same aspect heroes (like say all focus), try to have a variety. With the right heroes, you could very much overpower an aspect that is stronger than you, but it does put you at a disadvantage.

Focus on one very strong team and one team that’s a little less than your first, and a third weaker. You’ll want three teams total by the time you reach 70s. Always lvl your frontline first (or one of the ‘meta’ back lines such as Hex, Oasis or Princess). Your best hero should be tip priority.

Level up the Pony (easily gotten in dungeon with a bit of time invested), he is a major pita to fight against (so is Scion)-- aspect totally is necessary to pay attention to with these guys.

Don’t be upset if you get pwn, unless you plan on spending some serious amounts of cash, you really can’t expect to compete with those who do. That’s not to say you can’t pwn. Until the latest update, I was doing very well in arena (top 5 spots), but now I’m lucky if rank 20. I don’t mind though. Just try to be happy with what you can manage.

Use your diamonds for stamina and chest deals (it’s more beneficial to spend than on gold), if you need gold, refight one of the easier tournament opponents, you earn plenty there.


Who is Claw? And how do I get Ginger.


Claw is a solid front line toon, I’m still waiting for him to be released in Server 4.

Ginger you can get shards from in the elite campaign