Help for beginners


I’m on sever 4 also and don’t see claw. So I guess he’s not there yet?


All heroes will be released on all servers. Newer servers will get the heroes at a later phase so you can catch up with leveling old toons and stuff :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the great info!



How do toons fair now with the release of new additions like wraith, twins etc? Is the god tier still the same?


You should probably ask someone that has played the game in the past 2 months :wink:



Didn’t know he had quit :sweat_smile:


Should focus on increasing the skills of the first 5 or all of them a bit


First five.
Then one at a time, till you build up them all.

It’s better to have a few superheroes, than a lot of average ones, whose skills can fail.


Is there an update to this sort of information?

I am very new to the game and trying to figure out where I should be concentrating my efforts.

Getting 3 viable teams seems fairly important immediately, but from there it seems like some characters should be prioritized and others should be very low priority. Any current thoughts are appreciated.