HELP! Need team advice!


Im in dire need of some advice on how to build good teams, like what skills to pair with what, or just who are the best heros and how should i decide who to put on a team with who?


Which server?


Server 9 :wink:


Yeah im on s9


It would help to know which heroes you have :wink:
I seriously don’t remember some I had at that level…
Fronts can change, but you can build some solid backlines…
At purple I had Hex-line: Pony, Hex & Scion (double bleed to weaken your enemies & focus boost) for non war battles Pony can be replaced for Hermit (to boost focus & finesse)
Sleep line: Fox, Grave & Punk (sleep, energy, energy steal, possession & fury boost), for non war battles Fox can be replaced for Mass Destruction (he can be really annouying in arena)

Do you have Princess Portal & Dragon?
What frontline heroes?

Btw, keep your Wander Woman up to date :wink:

Going by your level, you will soon be able to get orange rank, so your line ups will change too…

List of heroes to focus on, aka epic heroes

Wander Woman - she’s the game changer, blesses your entire team once epic
Light Warden - yup, her epic is nice
Claw - meh, good on the early stages but there will be better replacements later
Brawler - he can be useful at times
Pony - must have
Ember (if you get him) - gives health & energy during battle
Princess Portal - the charm can be fatal :wink:
Hex - not that good anymore with Wander epic
Punk - he’s amazing
Grave - still useful as epic, but the epic run can be a chore with him
Twin Trackers (if you have/get him, get hom epic asap) - he can kill an entire team, even though he isn’t invincible anymore
Hunter - instant kill if you are not careful
Bow - perfect against Dragon & heal (of course)
Wizard - he blinds a whole team

I need to recheck what frontlines I had, so I’ll add some more later :wink:

Totem Prince - even though he doen’t have epic yet, keep him leveled
Lion Knight (if you have him) - silence & immunity (in other words, he’s awesome)
Shield Maiden (if you have her) - her uncover weakness is a death sentence
Stone Guard - has her uses, but I never liked her
Ice Berg - stun & slow globe
Owl Bear - instant kill, if you are not careful & keep her stunned or silenced
Feral Brute - once epic you will have a hard time against him :wink:
Cogmaster - the kick, urgh the kick
Hermit - finesse lines with him can be a real chore
Dragon - god tier, finesse boost, get him leveled & epic asap
Salty Merc (if you have her) - one shot :smirk:
Scion - not that great, but has his uses
Serpent (if you have him) - curse, health reduce, energy
Spell Binder - perfect for cleanups in combination with Hermit & Totem
Stalker - good epic
Noob Hero - he’s a little badass :joy:
Skull Buster (epic) - your weapon against Wander Woman

I haven’t mentioned some of the old heroes, because I haven’t tested them & probably never will…
new heroes not included

Maybe @Pixie_Mici can help you with Mo & Co. :yum:


you know, what you use to accept the quests


There would be a timer in the upper right corner too, under the tier bar…


That just says you’ve given your all for Portal Lords :wink: if you have already bought the extra quest for 100 diamonds you are out of quests for the rest of PL


I have all the heros currently on server 9


If I missed some, tell me which ones :wink:


Now you’ve joined my guild, I’ll pm details of lines etc :wink:


Rn i have
FRONT: noob,war blade.
BACK: dragon,hermit,warp mage.
As my main team


I believe this is not a lineup for war :thinking:
Once you have reached epic (this will take a while), I’d go with Noob, Light Warden, Princess Portal, Dragon & Hermit (for attacks in war always use at least one energy hero! So Pony for Hermit there :smirk:

Mici will be able to give you the best advice :wink:


To be faiiiir there are several very knowledgeable people in all of my guilds that I would trust to help if I am afk.

Some of them know a lot more than me
I don’t have time to record the blue skill cooldown etc…

If I’m being embarrassingly honest…
My skull buster was a paladin for the longest time.

Please don’t judge me


:joy: :joy: :joy:
Learning by doing :wink:

Everyone advised me to make Maiden a Guardian but…

I decided :smirk: