HELP! Need team advice!

Personally, i think the term OP is a stretch. Heroes like punk are important for metas, but they aren’t very powerful outside of those lines. While most old heroes still can serve a purpose in battle, especially fortress. They do pale in comparison against newer toons. Howling claw, princess, hex witch are all awesome at first, but they dont level well against newer toons.
I think when a casual player, or spender gets to around orange 4 or 5, they need to retire heroes like elder and druid to focus resources elsewhere.

Theres a pretty simple identifier for which heroes are worth keeping. If druid, elder, ginger, claw, spellbinder, hex, squire, ect…were as awesome today as yesterday, they’d still be used in arena, RT and war defenses. Every time i see a howling claw or elder line in arena, i laugh because I know its a guaranteed win. :wink:

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I would rather they improve older toons, before adding any more.
Enough is enough, 4 metas are 20 toons, why are we being weighed Down with all these extra toons.
Stop already.


Many newer heroes are junk as well. Some are bad reworks of an old premise that make me laugh when I see them. You need to try thinking of where the player is in order to give salient advice. Too many folk are replying from where they are…tons of hoarded loot and high levels and rarities. Thanks for replying more correctly @Marchioness_Dane


I’ve slacked a lot on leveling the newest toons, so it’s easy for me to tell that they aren’t better than the previous heroes :wink:
I use Wander, Punk, Skull, Wraith & co. a lot & I’m still easily beating new lines, so it’s quite funny if others moan about this :joy:



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