Help needed with bleed skil

Can someone tell me how we get bleed skill and defender damage bonus in war please

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The middle / lord mage bonuses are assigned at random for each war.

Just need a middle mage with a defence line in it.
And see what you get.

On s1 we have aspect assault.
On s8 we have prepared.

Will all change for the next one.

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Thank you pixie. I would love to get a look at your Honors list Break down thou


You already have.

As I said at the time, that discord list looks familiar :wink:

Usually skills make it clear which honour a hero should be.
If it isn’t clear, then I go guardian and spellward.

Increasingly now, I count the sword and shield essence slots for non meta heroes, and go with the one that gives most power.

Any heroes you are undecided on?

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