Help stuck on Crusade


How come I never have beaten Crusade once yet all of the enemies are at around the mid 50 levels on the second stage?


I’m am only level 38 or 39


Hi at the start. The trick to win over crusade is use the first two battle to charge up your set of heroes

First one use your 5 favorite or powrrful heros
Next battle pick other five.

This way went you get to the last Battle of first stage you will have 10 probably halfway or some full charge heroes.

Them you start mixing for the next battles.

Cruseda in easy level it should be of your level or less. Of normal difficult will be same. And in blockbuster some battle will also be against enemy 20lv higher. But until you get this your have to do it this way.

Went you are max with your team. (including pony) you can probably run crusade using one team.

If I remember well at level 40. You are on rarity blue only I believe. Use hex, pony, claw, scion, ginger.

This will be the best team. At that level.

Or use skull, WW, PP, hermit, pony.

Hope this help


I tried that and around stage 3 or 4 enemies are almost twice my level in normal half the time.


Have you tried the easiest level?


That is on the easiest level. I haven’t beaten it yet


Oh, okay. Just keep at it. You’ll figure out the right combination. :blush:


We never asked which server, sorry.
I have a meta for every level cap